2007 Season

Big Game and Bird Hunting in Argentina with Hector Perren


Our partner in Argentina, Hector Perren, is one of only two licenced big game hunting operators in the Province of Santiago Del Estero, and one of the few operators in the entire country of Argentina offering a true fair chase hunt for the nine indigenous species of game. His vast 35,000 acre hunting area offers challenging hunting for naturally-reproducing herds of game. The terrain is flat and normally dry, covered in dense brush interspersed by large salt pans that fill with water and ducks in the summer months. A network of trails has been cut through the dense cactus and thorn scrub to allow the hunter to move quietly while pursuing the many species of game that live there. This is prime habitat for the elusive Brockett Deer, as well as the Puma, Wild Boar, Collared and White-Lipped Peccary, Fallow Deer, Feral Goat, Feral Pig, Wild Sheep, Four-horned Sheep, foxes and indigenous wild cats. Hunting is strictly limited ensuring that trophy quality is excellent. Hunting these species will challenge your stalking skills to the utmost, due to the dense cover. Hunting is also done from blinds and in the case of Puma and Wild Boar, with dogs.

Accommodation is provided in four simple but comfortable cabins, each with two single beds, air- conditioning and en-suite shower with toilet. A dining/trophy room serves as a gathering area in the evenings. A swimming pool filled with plentiful artesian water provides welcome relief from the midday heat early and late in the hunting season...but don't be fooled. Temperatures dip sharply at night to below freezing on occasion. The best months are March through August. Contact us for a DVD showing the hunting terrain and camp facilities.

Hector also offers hunts for exotic species such as Water Buffalo, Red Stag, Black Buck and Axis Deer from properties in Buenos Aires Province and La Pampa.

Hunters pay a daily rate of $250 plus individual trophy fees. Due to the fact that animals are wild and free-ranging, hunters are advised to book for at least seven days if several trophies, or a specific high-scoring trophy species, are desired.

Note, Hector's Spanish is excellent but his English is very limited. In the event that your command of Spanish is as good as Hector's command of English, a translator will be provided to accompany the party in camp but not while hunting. All hunting is done 1x1, each hunter being accompanied by one of Hector's excellent guides, if not Hector himself.

Hunters are met at Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) and transported across town to Jorge Newberry Airport for the short hop to Santiago Del Estero (SDE). The domestic airfare is approximately $220 round trip, if booked separately.


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