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Wingshooting with Hector Perren in Santiago del Estero

Experience world class wingshooting with a world class competitive pigeon shot.


Santiago del Estero is a new and underexploited wingshooting destination offering a mixed bag of birds. Undoubtedly, it is the Argentine province that has the largest quantity of birds and that makes it one of the most prolific wingshooting destination in the world.

Doves are the most common species. There is no limit on Ring Doves, considered an agricultural pest, and the "limit" on Golden Doves is 1000 birds per hunter per day. Parakeets are also an agricultural pest and are found in great numbers in the grain fields. Given the frenetic pace and large number of shots taken, we recommend a semi-automatic shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge, or a double in 12 or 20 gauge with a good recoil pad. Chokes should be ic/mod in 12 or mod/full in smaller gauges. Ammunition for all gauges is available locally, including 7/8 oz 12 ga loads to save your shoulder for the next day! It is be advisable to bring a spare gun in case of mechanical failure.

In addition, there are three species of wild partridge:  the small partridge, the mountaineer partridge ("perdiz montaraza") and the "martineta copetona" (Eudromia elegans), each of which has its own preferred habitat. These are hunted over pointing dogs and bag limits are 10 small partridges, 10 "montarazas" and 3 "martinetas" per hunter per day. Due to the high density of birds, it is not uncommon to limit out on partridge in two hours of hunting, and then to move on to the dove or pigeon hunting grounds nearby. Two species of pigeon can be taken without limit.

And if your shoulder can stand any more shooting, there are twenty species of duck that frequent the marshes alongside the Rio Dulce. The limit is 20 per hunter per day.

For varmint hunters, there is also excellent hunting for two species of fox and three species of wild cats who are attracted to the hunting areas by the prospect of finding an unrecovered dove or pigeon.

Accommodation is provided in an private lodge 10 minutes from the dove/pigeon fields. Duck hunting is conducted from lodging near the marshes to cut down on travel time, Lunch is eaten in the field. Traditional home-cooked Argentine dishes are served for the evening meal, accompanied by excellent local wines. Big game hunting on Hector's own private 15,000 hectare (35,000 acre) property also available. Clients are accommodated in private en-suite cabins on the property.

A DVD showing the accommodation and bird hunting is available on request.

Clients are met at Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) and transported to the Jorge Newberry airport across town for a short domestic hop to Santiago Del Estero. Round trip to SDE on the domestic airline is currently around $500.


Current pricing for 2009:

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Discounts are offered in the hot months (November and December) to hunters interested in night shooting varmints in the early hours before the morning's wingshooting commences, followed by an afternoon and evening siesta.

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